30+ Retina Ready wordPress Themes

Retina ready WordPress themes have been optimized to support the high quality and crisp graphics on retina screens. Not sure, what this is all about and if you should care then read on? The WordPress community have picked up the challenge from the growing amount of mobile users and with great results. Today most new […]


5 Tips For Wanna Be Web Designers

Every year, the collages and universities spew out a new batch of graduates who’s intentional is to become a web designer. Some will succeed, some will fail, some will work for agencies other will become freelancers. In order to succeed and become a professional web designer you need to put the effort in at building your skills. […]

35 Impressive Photography Business Cards

35 Impressive Photography Business Cards

Having business card in pocket is necessary if you own a business and want to promote it. Not only the corporate sector but professionals from different fields also need business cards to show what services they provide. Photographers do have to go in many events and that’s the right place where they can promote their […]

Vectors vs Bitmaps for Printing

Bitmaps vs. Vectors for Printing

When it comes to sending files to a commercial printer, there are two types of files you need to know about: vectors and bitmaps. We’ll see what the strengths and weaknesses of each are, and when to use them in print design. We’ll also look at some visual examples of vector and bitmap artwork. The […]

seo media

Social Media vs Social Networks

There is no article related to Internet, both online or in print, not to mention something about social media. Much more, few persons aren’t “specialists” in social media and in strategies of advertising based on this entity. It seems that social media is here for a long time, but it appeared just few years ago. […]

Creative 40 Free Tags PSD Designs (Keyword Tags, Price Tags, Sale Tags)

Creative 40 Free Tags PSD Designs (Keyword Tags, Price Tags, Sale)

Creative 40 Free Tags PSD Designs (Keyword Tags, Price Tags, Sale Tags) When it comes to Image editing or photo enhancement, Adobe Photoshop is usually the primary option to consider. However, the software package itself is a quite hard to learn — and extremely hard to master. And of course, Not all design lovers are […]


10 Plugins to Help Spring Clean Your WordPress Blog

Just like servicing a car, or giving your house a spring clean, WordPress really benefits from a good once-over every now and again to keep it running fast and efficiently. This post rounds up 10 useful plugins that will really help service and maintain your WordPress blog. Updating the WordPress core, updating plugins and changing […]

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